Bite-Sized Wisdom | Stop! Don’t Ruminate

Find yourself ruminating on situations that haven't happened yet? Have a listen to today's bite-sized wisdom for some fresh insight on this common habit of thought. ❤️ I've recorded a short version in video and a longer version for my Live & Play Freely Podcast below. What People Say [...]

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Joe Bailey – Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane

   Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times Joe Bailey, licensed psychologist, trainer of therapists, and author of six books talks with Denise Holland about the impact on people's lives through his work and now his latest book, "Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricanes - Unlocking Resilience in Turbulent Times". Joe is an expert in transforming people's lives, especially in [...]

2021-10-18T12:56:17+01:00October 18th, 2021|

The Ultimate Guide to Navigate Uncertainty and Change!

  The Ultimate Guide to Navigate Uncertainty and Change Recording of a recent webinar with Integrated Heath Practitioner Scott Kelly and Musician and Author Nick Bottini: Wanting and waiting for things to get back to normal might sound like a useful strategy, but how helpful is this experience, and is it holding you back from creating something amazing in your [...]

2020-06-17T22:29:42+01:00June 17th, 2020|

062 – The Art of Clarity in a Crisis – Know Thyself!

During this Coronavirus, it’s common to want to feel better, get some relief, worry less and experience hope even amidst uncertainty and dramatic change, but where should you look? What do you usually do when you feel uncomfortable? Most people seem to up their game, and change something or someone out there, very few would look inside to the nature [...]

2020-05-15T13:16:10+01:00April 22nd, 2020|

061 – Nick Bottini – Demystifying the Genius in Performance

So what accounts for the so-called genius in people, and does everyone have it? Why are some people brilliant at certain things while others can only dream of acquiring the same skills, ability or art. Is it that we (humans) are destined to find our purpose and genius, whatever it is? If so, where do we look? Nick Bottini is [...]

2020-04-01T22:30:03+01:00April 11th, 2019|

060 – Freeing the Athlete’s Mind – The Route to Enhanced Performance

 A full-length feature show, with Andy Winter, Denise Holland and contributions from special guests Barbara Jordan, and Declan Stout. A conversation which demystifies the so-called, 'Performance Zone' state that a performer experiences when there appears to be no separation between themselves and anything or anyone else, a pure connection to the energy and intelligence behind all nature (life). Psychological [...]

2019-04-11T10:04:53+01:00April 11th, 2019|

059 – Andy Winter – Teaching a New Dimension in Sport (Pt 3/3)

So what is this new understanding that has elite athletes head in an entirely new direction of, performing from a place of enjoyment, love, and exploration, rather than the chasing and deliberate endeavour of needing to believe in yourself, setting goals, and being confident? And, how do you teach it? Andy Winter and Denise look to the source and nature [...]

2019-04-11T10:05:21+01:00April 11th, 2019|

058 – Andy Winter – The Power in Letting Go! (Pt 2/2)

 We wouldn't dream to control the shape of the waves, so how is it we think we can dictate human performances which is another act of nature? What's possible for athletes when they get to that place of openly expressing rather than needing to control, or exploring instead of achieving? What if, sportspeople could see what's behind what they [...]

2019-04-11T10:01:25+01:00April 11th, 2019|

057 – Andy Winter – The Power in Letting Go! (Pt 1/2)

Andy Winter and Denise Holland, both sports professionals, for over twenty years, share how their sports coaching has changed since coming across this understanding of, how the human mind works to create experience. What happens to athletes and coaches, when they let go of the contents of their conditioning and fall into the Grace of pure Being? Beyond the linear [...]

2019-04-11T10:01:10+01:00April 11th, 2019|

056 – Memory – A Gift or a Curse in Sports Performance (Pt 2/2)

A unique style we could call performance meditation, Denise takes you to the spaciousness before the creation of memory, your true nature/Self, that place of pure creative potential – of BEING rather than proving, striving or even competing. As human beings, memory logs experience through the lens/perspective at the time; it is part of the design to support the individual [...]

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