A full-length feature show, with Andy Winter, Denise Holland and contributions from special guests Barbara Jordan, and Declan Stout. A conversation which demystifies the so-called, ‘Performance Zone’ state that a performer experiences when there appears to be no separation between themselves and anything or anyone else, a pure connection to the energy and intelligence behind all nature (life). Psychological freedom, it turns out, is simpler than you think and is not something you attain through experience or knowledge. Sportspeople cannot look to the intellect and concepts to understand that which is formless, and some might say, Divine, it doesn’t make sense? To get the best out of this show, Denise invites you to listen beyond the words, like you would a piece of music, soak up what the speakers are pointing to, leave your personal beliefs to the side just for an hour and see what you hear? This understanding offers another dimension to sports coaching, which has an incredible impact on people’s lives and results.

Andy Winter has been an Educator, Administrator, and Coach for over thirty years. He encountered Dicken Bettinger and Sydney Banks twenty-five years ago, and his life and his work changed dramatically. Since then he has worked with adults, children, couples, schools, athletes and teams to help them better understand their innate health, and wisdom, and live work and play with greater joy.
Andy is the Director of the Center for Insight and Change in Brattleboro, Vermont – where he works sharing the principles behind the human experience. He also continues his practice as a Tennis Pro.


Upcoming Events: 11th & 12th August 2018

Trusting Wisdom: Realizing Your Potential by Dicken Bettinger & Andy Winter