Transformative Coaching for Teams

In your heart, you know that your teams in either sport or business have what it takes but notice mental strain under pressure and increasing levels of stress are sabotaging the results. With transformative coaching, function, confidence, adversity and awareness are all addressed, generating powerful results.




Irrespective of a team’s purpose, the team’s success is determined by the quality of the minds of everyone involved.

As people working in all teams find their way back to a new normal, it is fundamental that you and your team are in the best possible shape both physically and mentally to inspire your members to take their performance to a whole new level.

Teams are only ever as strong as the weakest member, and this is a moving dynamic; making sure everyone on the team is on their game when it counts is a trait of great leadership.

Cohesion, communication and confidence are recognized attributes of high-performing teams and the difference between winning well and barely making your presence known.

Many team leaders and coaches find it difficult to lead by example as their state of mind is unwilling. Now you can ensure that you show up fit for purpose, emotionally equipped for authentic connections with others.

Work with me

All transformative coaching programs are designed to be an immersion, and impactful experience and require your commitment and quiet reflection for sustainable change. I work in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements. Examples of results on offer:

  • Private one-on-one coaching – In-person and online (the UK, and worldwide).
  • Small-group performance coaching – A combination of one-on-one coaching and team sessions.
  • Continuous spiritual and professional development mentoring progams.

    Results on offer:

  • Enhanced team cohesion and unity with less conflict that wastes valuable training time.
  • Greater resilience with a stronger ability to handle advertsity, give and handle feedback.
  • More natural confidence, quicker recovery from setbacks with less need to blame others.

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