So what is this new understanding that has elite athletes head in an entirely new direction of, performing from a place of enjoyment, love, and exploration, rather than the chasing and deliberate endeavour of needing to believe in yourself, setting goals, and being confident? And, how do you teach it? Andy Winter and Denise look to the source and nature of all human activity and “the excitement of knowing that at any moment and that at all moments the wisdom of life is flowing through me and expressing itself, that is unavoidable”. What if the next evolution in sport is more about tuning in with that which you are at the core and beyond, rather than that which you can become?

Andy Winter has been an Educator, Administrator, and Coach for over thirty years. He encountered Dicken Bettinger and Sydney Banks twenty-five years ago, and his life and his work changed dramatically. Since then he has worked with adults, children, couples, schools, athletes and teams to help them better understand their innate health, and wisdom, and live work and play with greater joy.
Andy is the Director of the Center for Insight and Change in Brattleboro, Vermont – where he works sharing the principles behind the human experience. He also continues his practice as a Tennis Pro.