We wouldn’t dream to control the shape of the waves, so how is it we think we can dictate human performances which is another act of nature? What’s possible for athletes when they get to that place of openly expressing rather than needing to control, or exploring instead of achieving? What if, sportspeople could see what’s behind what they see in people?

Andy Winter, shares experiences of his daughter watching Rafael Nadal, at the US Open in 2017. She noticed, that, “he’s not having fun anymore”. What makes Elite Athletes enjoy their performances? Some would say that “winning makes you happy”, but we know that’s not true. Magic Johnson, wowed the global stage in basketball, what’s behind this so-called X Factor? What is it that if we open up to it, we get to play freely, and impersonally?

Human beings have practised movements; running, changing direction, lifting, throwing and making decisions before we have too much thought, for thousands of years. “Grace is the gift of being human; we are the spontaneous interaction with the moment were in”. When you’re playing from this your true nature, the feedback is different; it’s more productive and more immediate.

Andy Winter has been an Educator, Administrator, and Coach for over thirty years. He encountered Dicken Bettinger and Sydney Banks twenty-five years ago, and his life and his work changed dramatically. Since then he has worked with adults, children, couples, schools, athletes and teams to help them better understand their innate health, and wisdom, and live work and play with greater joy.
Andy is the Director of the Center for Insight and Change in Brattleboro, Vermont – where he works sharing the principles behind the human experience. He also continues his practice as a Tennis Pro.