Usually or at least until now, I’ve written articles that are somewhat practical and specific to the field of performance sport, but this time, I’ve been asked if I would upload to my website a piece of work that I recently posted in a closed facebook group, ‘The Inside Out Community’, and a public group, The Three Principles Supermind, so that it can be shared with a wider audience and even translated into other languages!

It IS about performance but not in the context of sport. It speaks to an understanding about life, that if profoundly realized has huge implications for you, in respect of achievements, goals, team-work, relationships, communication, responses, decision making, behaviours, innovation, and creativity.

If you’d like to take a deeper look at the spiritual, physical, psychological and practical aspects of living/performing as a human being, I’d love to share this with you:

‘The power of healing is not in words, not mine or anyone else’s.

Words may temporarily comfort or sooth a person’s pain and suffering, but they will never heal it.

To be healed is to know what it means to be alive, in your skin, to know your true and loving self, your true nature.

Connection to your inner being moves you beyond suffering, to a space of loving neutrality. It’s peaceful, and the stillness makes sense of everything.

Relief and healing is available to everyone for everything. Time is said to be a great healer, but all that is happening here is a return to balance, to a space of love and of no Thought.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, in just a second you can shift to a new experience of the same circumstances!

Human beings have the capacity to experience absolutely anything, a huge range of feelings and emotions at any time – that in itself is remarkable.

The Universal source of all being can be called LOVE, a formless energy that powers us all, in-fact all creation. It is impossible to hate when you’re in LOVE?

Being quiet, still and meditative has brought peace to many for hundreds of years – why is that?

No, it’s not in the words, the techniques, the metaphors, the distinctions – they are merely pointing you inwards yet everywhere – LOVE/LIFE has no boundaries, no restrictions, no limits.

We suffer due to our own creations, because we can, not because we have to!

You are already everything, made perfect, pure and complete, you are unbreakable and therefore, can never be fixed – there’s nothing to mend if you are never broken.

We expect there to be ups and downs, the ebb and flow of life experiences, but why?

Why do we expect to suffer knocks in life, disappointments, and set-backs?

Is it simply that because we witness suffering in others, and ourselves we come to terms with an illusory inevitability?

What if this didn’t really exist either?

What if it is possible to have an extraordinary experience of life? 100% at home, connected to your true-self, your natural essence – LOVE, peace of mind and contentment.

What if you could see and feel LOVE, in everything, even the so-called set-backs?

What if that unfortunate circumstance you find yourself in has come into being to serve another, somewhere else in the Universe, in the name of LOVE/LIFE?

What if every single manifestation brought into form is a natural part of this incredible life force, which serves either yourself or others, at this time or another?

How would you experience life then?

How would you perform in life then?

It seems to me that we’re living our lives connected to and in spirit/love, every second of the day and night. There is never a moment that we are not at home, even though our experience (thinking) is telling us otherwise!

Our freewill is a beautiful and dynamic part of the design, it’s perfect, as we can never really make a wrong decision; there is learning and a reason everywhere, we’re all connected by LOVE/SPIRIT.

Without the freewill to engage in whatever Thoughts make sense to us as individuals, we wouldn’t have this diverse and incredible world of possibility. It’s all up to be discovered, isn’t that how human beings evolve?

It seems to me, the closer we all stay in collaboration and connection, the more powerful our impact in this amazing world’.

With Love


If you’d like to talk about anything in this article, I’d love to hear from you, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to speak.  Feel free to share this article, it may just ignite the spark in someone you know to lead their best life!