The Spiritual, Physical, Psychological and Practical!

  Usually or at least until now, I’ve written articles that are somewhat practical and specific to the field of performance sport, but this time, I’ve been asked if I would upload to my website a piece of work that I recently posted in a closed facebook group, ‘The Inside Out Community’, and a public group, The Three Principles Supermind, [...]

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Is Your Performance Review Just A Big Waste Of Time?

Post any competition win or lose, you carry out a detailed review of the performance and the programme, BUT do we really get this right? Many questions are asked and answered: Were the athletes fit for purpose? Were you sufficiently prepared in terms of competition exposure? Did you, the coach have enough contact hours? Do the athletes have superior skills [...]

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Win or Lose – It Doesn’t Matter!

As a coach or athlete, have you ever come away from losing a match knowing that you were the stronger team? OR Cheekily, leave the arena with a smile saying ‘we’ll take that’, knowing the opposition skill level was massively superior and they handed you the game! What IS going on here? It seems all upside down! In 1995, I [...]

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Contrary to What You Might Think — Match Day Pressure Doesn’t Exist!

Most coaches, managers and athletes believe that playing in front of a large crowd, home or away would automatically impact performance? With the World Cup and Commonwealth Games 2014 about to start - lets take a closer look? You train your skills and bodies for thousands of hours; you’re completely confident with the techniques and tactics you’ve mastered. Your repertoire [...]

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Under-Achievement – Are you a Victim or Genius?

I’d like to share a beautiful metaphor created whilst working recently with a group of University athletes. As a group, we considered the things that appear to ‘get us’, seem to ‘put us in a bad mood’, ‘send us crazy with frustration’ and distract us from our performance programme. One of the most common circumstances at University is, the state [...]

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