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Living Well Despite a Changing and Uncertain World with Amanda O’Shea and Stephen Desborough

All you need to know to live a happy, resilient & fulfilling life! Do you get annoyed when people suggest to you just to let things go, turn the other cheek, or chill out, it'll be alright? If the answer is yes, or you know someone who is struggling to live their best life during [...]

2022-12-13T16:20:04+00:00September 16th, 2020|

Making Sense of Feelings!

 Coronavirus Support for Sportspeople During these unprecedented times, each of us is likely to experience a vast range of feelings, far higher than in usual times! The dramatic change in lifestyle and resulting experiences can be overwhelming, leaving us afraid, discouraged, and lonely. How can we best help ourselves and others to navigate the lockdown and Coronavirus threat? There [...]

2020-08-04T16:49:32+01:00March 28th, 2020|

Up for the Contest – Coronavirus and Sports

Up for the Contest - Coronavirus Support for Sportspeople My heart goes out to everyone right now, especially our youth with education, and sports suspended until further notice! Yet, deep down, I know that we all have the infinite capacity inside of us for wisdom, resilience, connection, and goodwill to each other, with or without the Coronavirus as human beings, [...]

2020-03-23T15:33:31+00:00March 19th, 2020|


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