Up for the Contest – Coronavirus Support for Sportspeople

My heart goes out to everyone right now, especially our youth with education, and sports suspended until further notice! Yet, deep down, I know that we all have the infinite capacity inside of us for wisdom, resilience, connection, and goodwill to each other, with or without the Coronavirus as human beings, that doesn’t change – let’s make this moment in time count, especially for our young people?

Are you a sports coach, athlete, performance director, club chairperson, or teacher, if so please do read on!

I am inspired to offer your club members, athletes, coaches, and officials on-line support and training to help navigate these unprecedented times. Group training is now available; it is easy to register and access the calls via the Zoom App. The program is designed for small groups, to help you to:
    • Understand and manage your experience through times of uncertainty and change.
    • Overcome fear and insecurity, not knowing what the future holds.
    • Be comfortable being happy, laughing, and having fun, yes, even now!
    • Find your natural happiness and peace amidst the chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic.
    • Take time to step back and reconnect with your inner health, wisdom, resilience, and well-being.
    • Maximise this downtime, understand the most powerful of all engines; the human mind and its energy.
    • Get insights on how to mitigate disappointment, especially when competitions don’t go ahead as planned.
Knowing that no matter what’s happening in the world right now, our psychology is not inflicted upon us, even though it doesn’t look that way, it is a creation and projection of the human mind. We always have the capacity for mental freedom; on some level, all human beings know this truth.
If this resonates with you, and you would like to set up a support program for your sportspeople, get in touch, and we’ll arrange a time to speak.
Warmest of wishes