Being You – Waking Up to What’s Possible! – March 2024

Denise Holland is delighted to be a speaker at: "Being You - Waking Up to What's Possible!" When we invite people to join us at this extraordinary event, it is with genuine joy that we know the powerful impact it will have on your life! Wednesday 6th - Friday 8th March 2024 Reserve your place [...]

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Why Waiting for Something to Return to Normal is a Bad Idea with Scott Kelly and Nick Bottini

The Ultimate Guide to Navigate Uncertainty and Change! Inspired Living Series - Episode One Wanting and waiting for things to get back to normal might sound like a useful strategy, but how helpful is this experience and is it holding you back from creating something amazing in your life or business? [...]

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Mental Health in Elite Sport -The Astonishing Truth!

Professional footballers in the UK are publicly talking about their psychological suffering. This beautiful openness by elite sportspeople paves the way for sustainable change in a field riddled with suffering. Yet what of the solution? For 20 years in the field of elite sport, I witnessed athletes battle with their mental life. In some cases, it is more obvious to [...]

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When Sport Teams Touch That Space Of Magic!

Behind the scenes & Beyond the norms! I’ve just returned from the Hong Kong Rugby 7’s; it was a phenomenal, carnival experience and one I imagine akin to the party atmosphere expected at the Olympics in RIO later in the year.  As I watched the games, however, I got reticent, as if I was inside the minds of the players. [...]

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It’s OK not to KNOW – I didn’t!

One of the most fascinating parts of my work is the initial conversation with a prospective client? You dance with the possibility that you may or may not have it all covered? You consider, is there something here of any value or not? For a split second you reflect - am I on the right track, do I have the [...]

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Berahino scores 4 goals and not a smile or celebration!

Is it Business as Usual for Berahino? It was during the FA Cup third round between West Bromwich and Gateshead when Albion's Saido Berahino scored four goals in a 7-0 win. It would be fairly common to see a player celebrate after scoring a goal in football, and in varying degrees and styles – falling to the knees, sprinting up to [...]

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