North Devon Innate Health and Wellness Conference – March 2022

North Devon Innate Health and Wellness Conference, 8-10th March 2022 Denise Holland is delighted to be a speaker at the North Devon Innate Health and Wellness Conference. Why not join her and give yourself the opportunity for transformation, a new way of seeing and living life, free of psychological suffering, and full [...]

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The Power of Silence – A Global Hug

Please join me for a virtual space of Oneness, peace, love and joy. A chance to Be in a virtual embrace, rich in peace, where words are neither required nor necessary. When this inspirational idea landed, I felt tickled with joy, and excitement, how wonderful for all my friends around the world, to [...]

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Living Well Despite a Changing and Uncertain World with Amanda O’Shea and Stephen Desborough

All you need to know to live a happy, resilient & fulfilling life! Do you get annoyed when people suggest to you just to let things go, turn the other cheek, or chill out, it'll be alright? If the answer is yes, or you know someone who is struggling to live their best life during [...]

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