It feels good to be back here writing again, hello my dear friends and colleagues.

I never really went anywhere, just had a break in reality, as a lovely friend suggested to me recently.

What took me away for a while?

On 9th September 2019, my dear Mum, Shirley Day, suddenly took ill, she went to the hospital and within 24 hours had an operation. Mum gave an incredible fight to get well again but after eight weeks sadly passed away on the 3rd November 2019.

For Mum the year 2019, she said was one of the happiest times of her life. We celebrated her 80th Birthday with a surprise party in February and in July, we went away together on holiday to Devon, a rare first for all our family. It was a magical year for Mum, her cheeky little grin, loving life to the full. How could it have possibly ended?

A beautiful soul – Shirley Day 18th February 1939 – 3rd November 2019

I love you Mum, and I feel love for you and you for me, stronger now than when you were here in this life. How beautiful is it that so much hope, joy and love can come from what we usually see as terrible, the death of a close relative. Don’t get me wrong, it has been incredibly painful at times but also rich in gratitude, understanding and compassion. My reality break gave me an experience, which I can never explain, but one which has the privilege to witness the phenomenon of both life and death.

Mum didn’t want to leave us, she was fully active, still driving her car, and enjoying her partner, children and grandchild Harley. She wasn’t ready for her earthly life to end and couldn’t understand why she had to go! Yet, as we talked, prayed and shared, I pointed her to the truth that we are not our physical bodies and minds, and that now it is time to return ‘from whence you came’, and that which you truly are at the source. Mum had a strong sense of the divine intelligence of all things behind life; she knew with all her heart that there is something else, which she preferred to call ‘Jesus’. My Mum passed with such Grace and joy, accepting it seems that we do not own life, it is ours to live but not ours to keep!

Understanding life in a whole new way!

It was just a few days before Mum passed that I insightfully realized that, our spirit doesn’t leave our bodies, our bodies dissolve into spirit. In short, we are not it! We get to play in these bodies and minds, as thinking creatures, for a moment in time. We are both the writer, actor and audience of our entire experience and it is such a gift to have danced with my Mum Shirley, playing in her game of life. I feel so blessed and grateful. I love you, Mum, and when my mind quietens, and my personal preference for wanting you around still softens, I am with you. I know this much to be true, that my experience of you, even when you were alive, was only ever a product of my human mind, so that’s why, even now, I can still be with you, in truth, there is just one of us!

Thank you!

Please may I say a special thank you to my family and all our friends, for the love, and care that you gave Mum, we did her proud! Your strength and support for us all during this past six months is a reminder of this incredible gift we call life – we are so appreciative of your kindness.

With heaps of love and affection always.