Would you take seven minutes out of your day if it was the ultimate game-changer? A short film and explanation which has the power to elevate the minds of sportspeople, and allow you to get on and do the thing you most enjoy, practise, train and play? How have you coped as a sportsperson during this Coronavirus?

When people feel well they do and play well! Most people intuitively know this, but how can you get there, when the world around you is uncertain and not as you’d like it to be? How have you been coping during the lockdown, have you managed to stay inspired and continue your training or like football athlete Joe, are you getting down, depressed and anxious about not being able to play your favourite sport?

Denise (Anna) in the film, suggests an entirely new approach which is impactful and highly effective, and that has people feeling great again, very quickly. It is possible for you to feel peace of mind, and joy even amidst these strange circumstances and a changing world.

If this has resonated, I’d love to hear from you: denise@deniseholland.org