Rudi and Denise talk about a behavioural performance model; that dealing and working on poor behaviours, with consequences, and discipline procedures are missing the point, i.e. it is too late by then as all responses are an effect of a person’s state of mind in the moment and not the cause of the problem.

Whatever people think, it is going to look real and true to them; however, with a glimpse of how the mind works to create our separate realities, you can take a step back and see that thought is a construction, not an instruction. We gain a deeper respect for diversity; wisdom shows us we no longer need to be right.

How does an understanding of the inside out nature of life change the use of the Performance Analysis? Are sportspeople mistakenly comparing and over-thinking today about yesterday’s performances? Is this preventing a stronger download signal of fresh, innovation in the moment?

Rudiger Kennard

While training as a track and field athlete, Rudi attained a Sports Science Hons Degree. He later became a personal trainer and fitness coach. It was around this time that Rudi appeared as a contestant on the TV show ‘Gladiators’ which lead him to study many mental performance strategies like NLP, clinical hypnosis and mindfulness.

Fourteen years ago Rudi came across an understanding of the nature of experience termed the three principles and since then has given training in over a dozen countries, spoken at International conferences, on the radio and served many populations from corporate executives to school children and jail inmates.