Traditionally, we identify talented athletes as those who demonstrate attributes, i.e. being self-determined, keen willingness to learn, capacity to overcome adversity, self-less, highly driven, ability to self-analyse, and be self-motivated etc. If you were to truly understand that experience is created from within and projected out as our separate realities and is not caused by the situation or circumstances, how different would this list be of desirable characteristics?

If athletes profoundly know that no-one or nothing is to blame for their feeling state, how many of these traditional attributes or qualities are redundant? If athletes are not afraid of their experiences and naturally allow their minds to clear, qualities to ‘get over’ poor performances wouldn’t be required. Is it possible that athletes who have learned to control and manage their thinking fall into mediocrity, and settle for something way short of what’s possible given the infinite divine intelligence to produce and evolve incredible human performance?

Rudiger Kennard

While training as a track and field athlete, Rudi attained a Sports Science Hons Degree. He later became a personal trainer and fitness coach. It was around this time that Rudi appeared as a contestant on the TV show ‘Gladiators’ which lead him to study many mental performance strategies like NLP, clinical hypnosis and mindfulness.

Fourteen years ago Rudi came across an understanding of the nature of experience termed the three principles and since then has given training in over a dozen countries, spoken at International conferences, on the radio and served many populations from corporate executives to school children and jail inmates.