We have heard the word “unconditional’ used many times in connection with the word “love.” Denise talks about falling in love with your capacity for sports performance, unconditionally irrespective of strategic targets or KPI’s. There is a distinct difference in the mindsets of sportspeople, those on the treadmill of, ‘one more medal, another PB, or a rise in world rankings, searching for that missing something in their life. Then, there are those who are in it for the LOVE of the game, highly engaged with the thrill of exploring what’s possible, and absorbed by their inspiration to perform rather than the results. What is your motivation? Is it fear, lack, or need, based or is it purer than these somewhat negative constructs, which zap vital energy reserves? Are you one of the 10%, who are not searching but discovering and uncovering the infinite potential for performance expression in the now through your mind and body?