The ethereal quality of momentum, what is it? Is it so slippery? Why do some elite teams build it, sustainably and others lose it quickly? The first half of the final match of the LIONS Series 2017, the New Zealand All Blacks gained ground and had more possession than the British and Irish Lions. Quality performance components, i.e. repeated precision passing, instinctive space awareness, and a high level of intuitive perception, around what needs to be done to be victorious winners, prevailed. However, the British and Irish Lions found some form in the second half and started to match the opposition yet this did not shake the world-class All Blacks at all. What was going on out there between these highly competitive elite athletes? A mysterious, unity, not just on each side but amongst both teams for each other. Powerful spiritual attributes of humility, respect, love and compassion prevailed on the pitch; it was a display of deep connection and passion for what’s possible in sport.