At the heart of the human performance, there is a space of ‘natural change’, a place where change happens effortlessly and spontaneously. In this session, Adam Ashe gets an insight into skills and practises and their relevance to his performance at each moment. Often, athletes with flair and the so-called X-factor are labelled as unique, and given license to run it freely while others must conform to the coaches constructs! What if ALL your athletes have this creative genius?

Adam Ashe – Professional Rugby Player

Adam works as a professional rugby player in Scotland and plays for Glasgow Warriors, he’s 23 years old and lives in Glasgow with his partner Alisa. Since leaving school at age 18, The Scottish Rugby Union has kept Adam involved in Professional Rugby. He loves coaching and sharing the inside out understanding whenever he gets the chance!

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“I guess the work I share is about pointing people in the direction of what the human experience is really about,” explained Scotland forward Ashe.

For Ashe, that’s about stressing the causal relationship between thought and feeling.

“It’s pointing out that feelings are connected to thinking 100% of the time,” said the 24-year-old Scot. “It can seem our feelings can be connected to things other than our thinking.

“This is about pointing people to the causal relation of things; that all feelings are related to thinking and not the other way about.”

Ashe, who spent a long time sidelined with foot and hip injuries, says he stumbled across books on the paradigm when he was at a low ebb in his life.