Grayson Hart, Professional Rugby Player and Denise Holland, a former National Coach (Netball) compare life with and without an understanding of the Three Principles behind the human experience; responses, behaviours, perspectives, communications, relationships as well as the impact on performance results. Grayson explains how he now shows up within the elite training and competition environment, and interacts with team-mates and coaching staff.

Grayson Hart – Professional Rugby Player

Grayson Hart now 28 years old was born in New Zealand and has been a professional rugby player for ten seasons, playing Super rugby in the Southern Hemisphere as well Pro12 and the European Cup while living in the UK. Outside of rugby, he works as a coach sharing a simple understanding of the mind that has changed his life and so many others. Grayson works with individuals including fellow athletes, mentoring and sharing these Three Principles of the human experience. Alongside teammate Adam, he presents to groups, businesses, sports teams, schools and hosts The New Flow Podcast. Grayson is thankful to have a lovely fiancé Chelsea by his side every day together with their dog Ardie. Pointing people to the truth of how we work, where they can connect to there own wisdom and constant well-being is what he loves to do!