During this Coronavirus, it’s common to want to feel better, get some relief, worry less and experience hope even amidst uncertainty and dramatic change, but where should you look?

What do you usually do when you feel uncomfortable?

Most people seem to up their game, and change something or someone out there, very few would look inside to the nature of their experience and the incredible intelligence of nature working behind the conceptual human system.

What if you have everything inside already to feel OK, yes, I know, mystics have said this for hundreds of years, but stay with me, what if it is true?

What if, all through your life, there is a resilience that you cannot explain that has got you through when things do not happen the way you want them?

What if that same intelligence is what is connecting people right now, a strong sense of unity, compassion and gratitude. After all, you don’t make yourself tear up in sincere heartfelt appreciation, it just happens! You don’t need to grind those feelings out; somehow they just come, why, because they are natural to all human life. How can you harness this innate resilience and mental and emotional wellbeing that sits within your soul, and is yours to keep, just tucked under your temporary habitual thinking of how you want life to be?