Live Life Your Way

£279.00 / month for 6 months

Live Life Your Way

A transformative coaching program to help you take power back over your mind and create the life you want to live, financially secure, joyous, and on purpose.

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Your unique opportunity for transformative coaching to jumpstart a new approach to your business life.

You will learn to tap into your innate creative potential, improving the quality of your mind for optimal performance in every part of your life.

Live Life Your Way is a three-month training program payable via six-monthly instalments.

Your investment includes:

First Month:

  • WK 1 – Two-day immersion training (two x 90-minute private coaching sessions am + pm each day).

  • WKs 2, 3 & 4 – One-hour private coaching sessions in person or on Zoom.

  • Weekly reflective questions, worksheets, and digital downloads are included.

Second and Third Months

  • Bi-weekly one-hour private coaching sessions in person or on Zoom

Your monthly subscription plan will be cancelled automatically after six months i.e. six monthly payments of £297.00.

The down-payment of £300 will be invoiced separately.


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